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NameSUBWAY #34672 Rules Governing Inspection Scores.
Address4023 BROOKSHIRE BV Restaurants: 
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SUITE GDay Care and Adult Care: 
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Premise Type1 - RestaurantMobile Food Units, Push carts, Tattoo Parlors: 
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CountyMecklenburgResidential Care and Local Confinement: 
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Inspection Date 4/5/2023 
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89 B
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Critical Violations SHOWN in RED   
NA=Not Applicable  NO=Not Observed  CDI=Corrected During Inspection  R=Repeat Violation  VR=Verification Required 
Violation Item Demerits Violation Description NANOCDIRVRComments
2 1 Certified Food Protection Manager No No No Yes No 2-102.12 PIC shall demonstrate knowledge by being a certified food protection manager. Observed no CFPM on duty. PIC certification has expired 10-29-21 REPEAT For more information on becoming a certified food protection manager please visit:
8 2 Hands clean & properly washed No No Yes No No 2-301.14 (I) Wash hands after engaging in other activities that contaminate hands. -P Observed 2 employees handle money and then put on gloves and began to make sandwiches without washing their hands. CDI EHS had employees wash their hands and put on new gloves.
16 0 Food-contact surfaces: cleaned & sanitized No No Yes No No 4-601.11(A) Equipment food contact surfaces and utensils shall be clean to sight and touch. -Pf. Observed tomato slicer with food debris. CDI PIC moved to 3 comp sink. For more information, please visit: or view our training videos at the following weblinks: Sanitizing Solutions - , How to Test Sanitizer , and Cleaning and Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces .
22 3 Proper cold holding temperatures No No Yes Yes No 3-501.16(A)(2) Maintain TCS foods in cold holding at 41F or less. -P Observed turkey and steak in prep unit at 44-46F. PIC stated it was put in unit today at 10:30 am. It was very busy during my inspection today and the top to the prep unit was up for over an hour. CDI PIC put turkey and steak in WIC to cool down. Observed pan of portioned steak in WIC above 41F that was prepped yesterday. CDI PIC discarded Steak. REPEAT For more information, please visit: or view our training videos at the following weblinks: What are TCS Foods and Safe Food Temperatures .
23 1.50 Proper date marking & disposition No No No No Yes 3-501.17 Date mark/label all TCS foods that are ready-to-eat once opened or prepared and held more than 24hrs. -Pf Observed opened bags of lettuce, spinach, and cheese in WIC not date marked. VR needed 4-15-23 For more information, please visit: or view our training videos at the following weblinks: What are TCS Foods and Date Marking Food Safely .
28 1 Toxic substances properly identified stored & used No No No No No 7-201.11 Store toxic materials to avoid contamination of food, equipment, utensils, linens, and single-service/use items. -P Observed 6 bottles of chemicals hanging above 3 comp sink.
39 2 Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage & display No No No Yes No 3-305.11 Store food in a clean, dry location, not exposed to contamination. Keep at least 6 inches above the floor. Observed bag of lettuce in WIC and boxes of RTE and single service items in back room on the floor. PIC stated boxes on floor in the back are from yesterday’s delivery. REPEAT
55 0 Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean No No No No No 6-501.12 Floors, walls, ceilings including the attachments such as soap, towel dispensers; light fixtures; and heat/ac vent covers shall be clean. Caution should be used to minimize food exposure. Observed floors in back storage room in need of cleaning.
56 0.50 Meets ventilation & lighting requirements; designated areas used No No No No No 6-305.11/6-501.110 Designate and use an area for the orderly storage of employees' clothing and possessions. Observed employee cups, bowls, and keys stored above prep sink and prep table in back room and commingled with clean dishes..