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NameTHIEN PHU Rules Governing Inspection Scores.
Address3023 CENTRAL AVE Restaurants: 
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UNIT EDay Care and Adult Care: 
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Premise Type1 - RestaurantMobile Food Units, Push carts, Tattoo Parlors: 
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CountyMecklenburgResidential Care and Local Confinement: 
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Inspection Date 12/21/2022 
Final Score @ Grade
88 B
NC Department of Environmental Health: 
General CommentsEstablishment may call Mecklenburg County Environmental Health to request a regrade. EHS will return within 15 days after request is made to conduct another inspection.
Critical Violations SHOWN in RED   
NA=Not Applicable  NO=Not Observed  CDI=Corrected During Inspection  R=Repeat Violation  VR=Verification Required 
Violation Item Demerits Violation Description NANOCDIRVRComments
1 1 PIC Present, demonstrates knowledge, & performs duties No No Yes No No 2-103.11(A-P) PIC shall ensure rules in the code for food safety and handling are met. -Pf A Food Safety Checklist can be found at: along with for more food safety information related to PIC Duties, Training, and managing food safety. PIC is not performing duties regarding ensuring TCS foods are being held at 41F or less, no real system of date marking in establishment, and that raw food is being stored above ready-to-eat foods. CDI - PIC educated on duties and that it is their responsibility to ensure the risk factors are being monitored and corrected.
2 1 Certified Food Protection Manager No No No Yes No 2-102.12 PIC shall demonstrate knowledge by being a certified food protection manager. For more information on becoming a certified food protection manager please visit: No employee present with ANSI food protection manager certification. At least 1 employee shall be present during all hours of operation with ANSI food protection manager certification. REPEAT
15 3 Food separated & protected No No Yes Yes No 3-302.11(A)(1) Separate raw animal foods from ready-to-eat foods and washed/unwashed fruits and vegetables. -P For more information on food storage order please visit: Mayo made with raw eggs stored on shelf above vegetables in upright cooler. Raw beef that wasn’t in original package was stored directly on top of broth in upright freezer. Do not store food that contains raw animal foods above ready-to-eat foods. CDI - Mayo moved to bottom shelf and raw beef moved to bottom shelf of freezer. REPEAT
22 3 Proper cold holding temperatures No No No Yes Yes 3-501.16(A)(2) Maintain TCS foods in cold holding at 41F or less. -P For more information please visit: or view our training videos at the following weblinks: What are TCS Foods and Safe Food Temperatures . Mayo (made with raw eggs), pate, and ham measured 48-50F in upright cooler. TCS foods in cold holding shall measure 41F or less. Air temperature of cooler measured 44F. VR - Verification required within 3 days that establishment has repaired cooler. All TCS foods in unit were discarded.
23 3 Proper date marking & disposition No No Yes Yes No 3-501.17 Date mark/label all TCS foods that are ready-to-eat once opened or prepared and held more than 24hrs. -Pf For more information please visit: or view our training videos at the following weblinks: What are TCS Foods and Date Marking Food Safely . No TCS ready-to-eat foods in coolers had date labels (in-house made mayo, pate, ham, rice, meatball, and broths). TCS ready-to-eat foods shall be labeled with date and discarded within 7 days from preparation. CDI - All TCS RTE foods were prepared or thawed within last 2 days so PIC placed date labels on all TCS RTE foods that were missing date labels. REPEAT
48 0 Warewashing facilities: installed, maintained & used; test strips No No No No No 4-301.12(B) Sink compartments shall be large enough to accommodate immersion of the largest equipment and utensils.-Pf Establishment has pots that are too large to submerge in 3-compartment sink. Establishment needs to remove pots from establishment and replace them with pots that are small enough to immerse in the 3-compartment sink. CDI - PIC educated on requirement. 0 pts.
49 0.50 Non-food contact surfaces clean No No No Yes No 4-601.11(C ) Keep non food contact surfaces of equipment clean to avoid build up of dust, food residue or debris.4-602.13 Non food contact surfaces of equipment shall be cleaned frequently to preclude accumulation of soil residues. Shelves in kitchen and other non food contact surfaces need to be cleaned more frequently. REPEAT
55 0 Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean No No No No No 6-501.12 Floors, walls, ceilings including the attachments such as soap, towel dispensers; light fixtures; and heat/ac vent covers shall be clean. Caution should be used to minimize food exposure. Walls in kitchen have grease/food splatter buildup on them and need to be cleaned. Clean physical facilities more frequently. 0 pts.
56 0.50 Meets ventilation & lighting requirements; designated areas used No No No Yes No 6-305.11/6-501.110 Designate and use an area for the orderly storage of employees' clothing and possessions. Employee personal food stored above food for restaurant in upright cooler. Do not store employee personal food above food for restaurant. Store on bottom of cooler or in another location. REPEAT