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NameTHAI HOUSE III RESTAURANT Rules Governing Inspection Scores.
Address230 E. W T HARRIS BV Restaurants: 
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 Day Care and Adult Care: 
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Premise Type1 - RestaurantMobile Food Units, Push carts, Tattoo Parlors: 
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CountyMecklenburgResidential Care and Local Confinement: 
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Inspection Date 12/20/2022 
Final Score @ Grade
77 C
NC Department of Environmental Health: 
General CommentsObserved mice and insect presence at the facility. An ITS was issued. Facility will be closed. All VR items will be fixed during closure. EHS will verify items. To request a re-grade please call the front office number at 980-314-1620
Critical Violations SHOWN in RED   
NA=Not Applicable  NO=Not Observed  CDI=Corrected During Inspection  R=Repeat Violation  VR=Verification Required 
Violation Item Demerits Violation Description NANOCDIRVRComments
1 1 PIC Present, demonstrates knowledge, & performs duties No No No Yes No 2-102.11 (A) - (C )(1), (4)-(16) The Person in charge shall demonstrate knowledge of foodborne disease prevention, application of HACCP principles, and the requirements of this code by (A) Complying with the Food Code by having no violations of Priority Items during the current inspection, (B) Being a certified food protection manager, or (C) by responding correctly to the inspector's questions related to the operation of the food establishment. -Pf. Please visit our resource page, , for more food safety information related to PIC Duties, Training, and managing food safety. Observed PIC with several food risk violations. EHS and supervisor observed rodent droppings throughout the facility and roach activity. Several points of cross contamination and incorrect storage order were found.
6 0.50 Proper eating, tasting, drinking or tobacco use No No No No No 2-401.11 (B) Closed beverage containers may be used if the container is handled to prevent contamination of the employee's hands, the container, and exposed food; clean equipment, utensils and linens; and unwrapped single-service and single-use articles. Observed drinks stored throughout the unit intermixed with food. CDI- Items discarded.
13 2 Food in good condition, safe & unadulterated No No No No No 3-101.11 Food shall be safe for consumption, unadulterated and honestly presented. -P Observed food items in prep top 1 and 2 heavily over stacked and touching heavily soiled and contaminated parts of the unit. CDI- Items discarded.
15 1.50 Food separated & protected No No No No Yes 3-302.11(A)(1) Separate raw animal foods from ready-to-eat foods and washed/unwashed fruits and vegetables. -P For more information on food storage order please visit: Observed raw meat stored and with lettuce. CDI- food items discarded. Observed raw shrimp stacked on top of carrots in the low reach in unit. Observed raw chicken and pork stored over vegetables in the low reach in unit. CDI- Carrots discarded and meats were removed from the unit. Observed raw chicken stored over raw vegetables in the walk in cooler. CDI- Chicken removed. 3-302.11 (A)(2) Separate types of raw animal foods from each other such as beef, fish, lamb, pork, and poultry during storage, preparation, holding, and display. -P. For more information on food storage order please visit: Observed different meats in prep top unit 1 over stacked and cross contaminating one another. Cross contamination was found between the raw shrimp, chicken and beef. CDI- Items were discarded. Observed different types of raw meats portioned in house intermingled with vegeables in the walk in freezer. See general comment sheet VR
16 3 Food-contact surfaces: cleaned & sanitized No No No Yes Yes 4-601.11(A) Equipment food contact surfaces and utensils shall be clean to sight and touch. -Pf. For more information please visit: or view our training videos at the following weblinks: Sanitizing Solutions - , How to Test Sanitizer , and Cleaning and Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces . Observed meat grinder in need of cleaning. Observed stacks and stacks of plastic containers in need of cleaning. Observed several containers, utensils and pieces of equipment in contact with heavily soiled shelves and knife holder. Observed rodent droppings on top of lids of sugar, salt and other. See general comments section. VR
22 1.50 Proper cold holding temperatures No No Yes No No 3-501.16(A)(2) Maintain TCS foods in cold holding at 41F or less. -P For more information please visit: or view our training videos at the following weblinks: What are TCS Foods and Safe Food Temperatures . Observed tomatoes, beef and pork in prep top 1 holding above 41F. Observed tofu and beef in prep top 2 holding above 41F. Observed oil/ garlic mix stored at room temp. All items discarded.
28 1 Toxic substances properly identified stored & used No No Yes No No 7-102.11 Label working containers of toxic materials such as cleaners and sanitizers.-Pf Observed containers of bleach without a label. Observed spray bottle of unknown liquid. CDI- All bottles dumped and removed.
33 0.50 Proper cooling methods used; adequate equipment for temperature control No No Yes No No 3-501.15 Quickly cool foods. Use methods such as open/vented shallow pans, large ice baths and active stirring. Cold air must flow around product to remove the heat. -Pf For more information please visit: or view our training videos at the following weblinks: What are TCS Foods and Cooling Food Safely . Observed several items over stacked in the prep top units. CDI- All items discarded.
37 1 Food properly labeled: original container No No No No No 3-302.12 Label all working containers of food (oils, spices, salts, flour, sugar) except food that is easy to identify such as dry pasta. Observed labels needed on bins of sugar, salt, flour, corn starch... other items.
38 2 Insects & rodents not present; no unauthorized animals No No No Yes No 6-501.111 Keep the premises free of insects, rodents, and other pests. Observed roach in kitchen area. Observed dead roaches in the kitchen area. 6-202.16 Perimeter walls and roofs shall effectively protect the establishment from the weather and entry of insects or pests. Observed gaps/holes in walls, ceiling. Get repaired to prevent entry of rodents and insects. Observed evidence of mice presence within the facility. EHS was sent the pest control company's report. Report stated that 3 dead mice were removed from facility. Observed rodent dropping on top on food items, equipment, storage and flooring.
39 2 Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage & display No No Yes Yes No 3-304.13 Linens and napkins may not be used in contact with food unless used to line a container for the service of foods and are replaced each time the container is refilled for a new customer. Observed linens in contact with several food items (potaotes, carrots, shrimp and herbs). CDI- Items discarded/ towels removed. 3-305.11 Store food in a clean, dry location, not exposed to contamination. Keep at least 6 inches above the floor. Observed food stored on heavily soiled floor. Mice droppings found on the floors. Observed food stored on the floor of the walk in cooler. CDI- Items removed.
41 0.50 Wiping cloths: properly used & stored No No Yes No No 3-304.14(E) Store sanitizer containers used for wet wiping cloths off the floor and to prevent contamination of food, equipment, and utensils. Observed wiping cloths stored on the floor. CDI- Removed.
43 0.50 In-use utensils: properly stored No No Yes No No 3-304.12 (A) In-use utensils in TCS food, must be stored with handles above the food and top of the food container. Observed tongs stored in raw chicken in the prep top. CDI- Removed. Observed bowl used as scoop. Bowl had no handle. CDI- Removed.
44 1 Utensils, equipment & linens: properly stored, dried & handled No No No Yes No 4-903.11 (A) Store cleaned equipment, utensils, linens in a clean, dry location; where they are not exposed to splash, dust, or other contamination; and at least 6 inches above the floor. Observed utensils, containers and equipment stored on unsanitary surfaces. Observed dishes wet stacked in the dish storage area.
45 1 Single-use & single-service articles: properly stored & used No No No Yes No 4-903.11(A)(C) Store single-use and single-service articles in a clean, dry location; where they are not exposed to splash, dust, or other contamination; and at least 6 inches above the floor. Observed single service trays stored on soiled surfaces.
47 0.50 Equipment, food & non-food contact surfaces approved, cleanable, properly designed, constructed & used No No No No No 4-501.11 Maintain equipment in good repair. Observed metal piece pulling away from wall at the dish pit. Observed wire baskets baskets bent at the grill area.
49 1 Non-food contact surfaces clean No No No No No 4-601.11(C ) Keep non food contact surfaces of equipment clean to avoid build up of dust, food residue or debris.4-602.13 Non food contact surfaces of equipment shall be cleaned frequently to preclude accumulation of soil residues. Observed all units in need of cleaning throughout. Observed all shelving throughout in need of cleaning. All utensils, containers, bowls, cups and equipment in contact with surfaces in need of cleaning need to also be cleaned.
51 1 Plumbing installed; proper backflow devices No No No No No 5-205.15 Maintain a plumbing system in good repair. Observed leak at the back door and under the 3 comp sink
55 1 Physical facilities installed, maintained & clean No No No Yes No 6-501.11 Floors, walls, and ceilings including the attachments such as soap and towel dispensers; light fixtures; and heat/ac vents shall be maintained in good repair. Observed hole in ceiling near the ice machine. Observed water damage on the ceiling tile near the tall reach in unit. 6-501.12 Floors, walls, ceilings including the attachments such as soap, towel dispensers; light fixtures; and heat/ac vent covers shall be clean. Caution should be used to minimize food exposure. Observed floors with rodent droppings throughout. Observed light fixtured housing lots of dead roaches.
56 0.50 Meets ventilation & lighting requirements; designated areas used No No No No No 6-305.11/6-501.110 Designate and use an area for the orderly storage of employees' clothing and possessions. Observed employee items stored throughout the facility mixed with customer items.