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NameEAST TOWNE Rules Governing Inspection Scores.
Address4815 N SHARON AMITY RD Restaurants: 
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 Day Care and Adult Care: 
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Premise Type40 - Rest/Nursing HomesMobile Food Units, Push carts, Tattoo Parlors: 
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CountyMecklenburgResidential Care and Local Confinement: 
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Inspection Date 11/23/2022 
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NC Department of Environmental Health: 
General CommentsNo points: 6. Moisture shall be controlled such that there is no evidence of microbial growth on interior surfaces and objects. 15A NCAC 18A .1311 (d). Observed black buildup on the AC vents on the ceiling in rehab room, and some of the rooms in the facility. 12. Provide liquid soap and disposable towels at all handwashing sinks. 15A NCAC 18A .1312 (d). Observed no soap at the hand sink in storage room in TV room. 16. Observed no backup water supply plan. Provide a written plan that meets all parts of 15A NCAC 18A .1313 (f). Observed no back up water supply plan. Please provide the plan. ED is searching for it and will email to EHS to verify. * Observed dumpsters doors left opened while not in used, keep them closed to prevent harborage of insect/rodents * Observed dirty brown stained bath towel on the restroom floor in room B28
Critical Violations SHOWN in RED   
NA=Not Applicable  NO=Not Observed  CDI=Corrected During Inspection  R=Repeat Violation  VR=Verification Required 
Violation Item Demerits Violation Description NANOCDIRVRComments
3 2 Walls and ceilings cleanable, clean, good repair No No No No No REPEAT- Keep all walls and ceilings clean and in good repair. 15A NCAC 18A .1310. Observed dirty wall in the restroom room B15. Observed old leak stained celling in room B27, stained celling throughout the facility. Observed peeling celling in both the central baths, and some of resident restrooms throughout. Observed brown/black buildup along the shower wall and floor in central bath, need cleaning.
8 2 Facilities conveniently located, clean and in good repair No No No No No REPEAT- Keep all bathing equipment clean and in good repair. 15A NCAC 18A .1312 (a) and (f). Observed cracked seating surface on shower bench in room 43. Observed dirty shower chair in room in B15. Observed stain bathtubs in some of the resident rooms throughout the facility. Observed non functioning therapy bathtub in the of the central baths. Keep all toilet equipment clean and in good repair. 15A NCAC 18A .1312 (b). Observed loose toilet seats, and missing caps at the base, need caulking around the base, damage/misplaced toilet thoughout the facility. Observed dirty toilets, need cleaning throughout the facility. Keep all handwashing facilities clean and in good repair. 15A NCAC 18A .1312 (b). Observed leaking/ broken hand sink in the storage room in TV room. Observed broken faucet at the hand sink in room 28.
14 1 Disinfectant accessible, properly used No No No No No A cleaning detergent and an EPA registered hospital disinfectant shall be accessible to all bathing areas. 15A NCAC 18A .1312 (f). Observed very little to empty bottle of disinfectant solution in one of the hall bath. To refill the bottle, staff has to walk a little to the other wing of the hall, and still same hall.
24 1.50 Vermine excluded No No No No No REPEAT- Effective measures shall be taken to keep flies, rodents, cockroaches, and other vermin out of the establishment and to prevent their breeding or presence on the premises. 15A NCAC 18A .1317 (a). Observed drain flies throughout the facility, especially in room B15 restroom. Observed several live brown insects in the restroom room 53.
32 2 Furniture clean and in good repair. Mattresses clean, dry, odor free No No No No No REPEAT- All furniture, bed springs, mattresses, sleeping mats, draperies, curtains, shades, venetian blinds, or other furnishings in institutions shall be kept clean and in good repair. 15A NCAC 18A .1319 (a). Observed brown stained furniture pillows and seating pad in the outdoor non-smoking patio. Observed some dust on window blinds in resident rooms. Observed stained and damaged pillows throughout the facility.
33 2 Linen changed when soiled. Soiled linen handled properly No No No No No REPEAT- Soiled laundry shall be handled and stored separately from clean laundry using separate cleanable carts or bags. 15A NCAC 18A .1319 (b). Observed soiled linen stored on top of the clean linen cart, please keep them separate. Observed stained linen and stained pillow cases throughout the facility.