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NameLOS ARCOS MEXICAN RESTAURANT Rules Governing Inspection Scores.
Address3542 MT HOLLY-HUNTERSVILLE RD Restaurants: 
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Premise Type1 - RestaurantMobile Food Units, Push carts, Tattoo Parlors: 
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CountyMecklenburgResidential Care and Local Confinement: 
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Inspection Date 11/8/2019 
Final Score @ Grade
83.50 B
NC Department of Environmental Health: 
General Comments
Critical Violations SHOWN in RED   
NA=Not Applicable  NO=Not Observed  CDI=Corrected During Inspection  R=Repeat Violation  VR=Verification Required 
Violation Item Demerits Violation Description NANOCDIRVRComments
6 0 Hands clean and properly washed No No Yes No No 2-301.12. Follow the cleaning procedure to adequately wash your hands. Use warm water, soap, scrub 15 secs, rinse, and dry without recontaminating hands. -P Observed food employee wash hands then turn faucet off with bare hands. CDI-Made to re-wash hands and explained the proper way to turn off faucet without contaminating them.
7 3 No bare hand contact with RTE foods or a pre-approved alternate properly followed No No Yes No No 3-301.11(C ) Minimize bare hand contact with exposed food that is not in ready-to-eat form. -Pf Observed food employee BHC (bare hand contact) raw steak and put food on grill. CDI-Made to wash hands, put on gloves and continue to use gloves. 3-301.11(B) Do not contact exposed ready-to-eat food with bare hands. Use suitable utensils, single-use gloves or dispensing equipment. -P Observed PIC touching a whole cooked fish. CDI-Made to wash hands and put on gloves. Fish was re-cooked.
8 1 Handwashing sinks, supplied and accessible No No Yes No No 5-205.11 Maintain access to handsinks. Handsinks may only be used for handwashing.-Pf Observed handsink beside the prep sink with knives and other utensils inside. CDI-Food employee moved utensils.
13 3 Food separated and protected No No No No Yes 3-302.11(A) Separate the different types of raw animal foods. -P Observed a bag of raw beef sitting on top of a bag of raw chicken. 3-302.11(A) Separate raw animal foods from ready-to-eat foods. -P Observed raw beef stored on a shelf above cooked vegetables. Observed chirizo stored over vegetables. Raw beef stored over salsa. Raw chicken stored over RTE chicken stock. 3-302.11 Packaged and Unpackaged Food-Separation, Packaging, and Segregation - P Observed chicken in freezer with no packaging to protect it. Observed seasame seeds in outside storage with no lid. 3-304.11 Food shall only contact surfaces of properly cleaned and sanitized equipment and utensils. -P Observed celery and squahs stored directly on food shelves. 3-302.11(A) Separate unwashed produce from ready-to-eat foods. -P Observed unwashed avocados stored of RTE chips, chips were stored and covered in large containers. CDI-PIC and food employees moved raw products to a lower shelf, moved raw away from RTE, and unwashed not over RTE, and will add packaging tonight VR required 11/18/2019.
14 1.50 Food-contact surfaces: cleaned and sanitized No No Yes No No 4-602.11 Clean the equipment and utensils used with TCS foods as required to avoid contamination. -P Observed deli slicer stored clean with old food debris. Knive stored clean with old food debris. CDI-PIC washed/rinsed/sanitized slicer and knife. 4-602.11 Clean the equipment and utensils used with nonTCS foods as required to avoid contamination. Observed ice machine in need of cleaning.
18 1.50 Proper cooling time and temperatures No No Yes Yes No 3-501.14(A) Quickly cool cooked foods within 2 hours from 135F to 70F; and within a total of 6 hours from 135F to 41F. -P Observed large containers of beans cooked from last night at 43-44. Beans have been in cooler all night. Did not meet cooling parameters. CDI-Since food was below 45F and will be used tonight PIC was allowed to keep. Discussed proper cooling.
20 1.50 Proper cold holding temperatures No No No Yes Yes 3-501.16(A)(2) Maintain TCS foods in cold holding at 41F or less. -P Observed pico, tomatoe, lettuce, cheese on prep line above 41F below 45F. Observed canned mushrooms at 65F, salsa at 52F, chicken in flour tortillas at 78F, cheese tortillas at 64F all sitting on counters and above temp. PIC explained these items were prepared today and were about to be cooked. CDI-PIC moved items into cold holding and tortillas were cooked. Observed cold drawer underneath grill with ambient air 46-50F, beef 47F, chicken 48F, tomatoes 45F. All TCS food was put in there this morning at 10:30, CDI-PIC voluntarily discarded food, did not meet cooling parameters. Items on prep unit cooled down to 41F when lid was shut-prep unit was 38F. VR required 11/18/2019.
21 1.50 Proper date marking and disposition No No No No Yes 3-501.17 Date mark/label all TCS foods that are ready-to-eat once opened or prepared and held more than 24hrs. -Pf Observed 4 large containers of queso with no datemark. 3 large containers of beans with no datemarking. CDI-PIC datemarked.
22 1 Time as a Public Health Control: procedures and records No No No Yes Yes 3-501.19 Provide and follow written procedures for foods held using Time as a Public Health Control (TPHC). Clearly mark foods with begin and end times. All food not sold by the end of 4 hours shall be discarded. -P/Pf Observed 3 items on hot/cold lunch buffet on time, with time stamp and no written procedures, they do discard all food except hard shell tacos after 3.5hrs (11:30-3). CDI-PIC will now be using time for whole hot/cold bar and salsa at server station and filled out procedures with EHS.
31 1 Proper cooling methods used; adequate equipment for temperature control No No No No Yes 3-501.15 Quickly cool foods. Use methods such as open/vented shallow pans, large ice baths and active stirring. Cold air must flow around product to remove the heat. -Pf Observed large containers of beans cooked from last night at 43-44. Beans have been in cooler all night. Did not meet cooling parameters. CDI-Since food was below 45F and will be used tonight PIC was allowed to keep. Discussed proper cooling. Observed tomatoes, cheese, lettuce made during inspection and put in a large plastic container, covered and at 43F. CDI-PIC opened lid to allow for air flow.
37 1 Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage and display No No No No No 6-404.11 Designate a separate area for items that are not for use and are being held for credit, such as dented cans or recalled products. -Pf Observed a heavily dented can stored amongst other in use cans. CDI-PIC set aside and will have a designated area for them. 3-305.11 Store food in a clean, dry location, not exposed to contamination. Keep at least 6 inches above the floor. Observed several, several boxes of food stored on floor. PIC explained they had a truck Wednesday. Oil stored on floor. Food needs to remain of shelf.
41 0 In-use utensils: properly stored No No No No No 3-304.12 Store in-use utensils in a clean, dry place, in food with handles out, in 135F or greater water or in running water which quickly moves food particles to the drain. Observed a plastic bowl being stored in mole sauce and being used to scoop it out. CDI-PIC discarded sauce due to temp.
45 0 Equipment, food and non-food-contact surfaces approved; cleanable, properly designed, constructed and used No No No No No 4-501.11 Maintain equipment in good repair. Observed cold drawers not holding at 41F or below. PIC will call maintenance person today and will not use until it's fixed. Observed walk-in freezer door in need of a new heating strip to prevent ice build-up, door cannot properly shut. Observed handle broken on the bar cooler. Ice machine heavily scratched. Observed lid of soap dispense near the server station missing. Leaking handsink by the grill area.
47 0.50 Non-food-contact surfaces clean No No No No No 4-601.11(C )/4-602.13 Keep the equipment clean to avoid build up of dust, food residue or debris. Observed shelves, prep top, counters, and inside and outside prep units in need of cleaning.