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Arby's #5463 Type Restaurant
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3009 S. Dirksen Pkwy
Springfield,  IL 62703
County Sangamon
Inspection Date2/23/2021
Comments Inspection triggered by multiple FBI complaints stating that food was consumed this previous Friday and onset of illness was Saturday. GI symptoms were prevalent. Violations at the facility are noted on this inspection. CFPM information was updated during the inspection.
Violations for this Inspection   
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Violation Code DescriptionComments
3 Management, food employee and conditional employee; knowledge, responsibilities and reporting 2-102.11: (C)(2) PIC must be able to explain responsibility for preventing transmission of foodborne disease by FOOD EMPLOYEE. (3) PIC must be able to describe symptoms associated with foodborne disease (17) PIC must be able to explain how PIC and FOOD EMPLOYEES comply with reporting responsibilities. On arrival, the PICs for the facility only mark a line on the schedule with the PIC's initials when an employee calls off, no notation is included related for the reason of the call off. PICs should maintain a log including: 1) who is calling out, 2) if/what symptoms related to foodborne illness are being exhibiting, 3) when they call off, 4) when they return to work. The symptoms and diagnosed illnesses needing to be noted are included in the manual kept at the facility. The information needed was discussed with the manager and assistant manager during the inspection and a log will be maintained moving forward.
15 Food separated and protected 3-304.11: (A) FOOD shall only contact surfaces of EQUIPMENT and UTENSILS that are cleaned. The probe used for checking foods is stored on top of an oven and between packages of breading. The top of the oven is visibly soiled with dust and debris. Any item used for contact with RTE foods should be stored so as to remain free of possible contamination. Another probe was observed in the facility with a covering for the probe section and should be used to ensure protection of the food contact parts.
22 Proper cold holding temperatures 3-501.16: (A) (2) TCS FOOD shall be maintained at 41F or less. (B) EGGS not treated to destroy Salmonellae shall be stored at 45F or less. It appears that any TCS food stored in the prep cooler so that the top of the foods are above a level approximately one inch below the pan levels are at temperatures of 45-60. Meats observed in this manner include corned beef, turkey and ham with temperatures ranging from 45-48. These items were discarded during the inspection to correct. Sauces requiring temperature control are currently stored in bottles in the prep cooler with the tops of the bottles above the cooler. Corporate policy is for the bottles to be maintained at only 3/4 full to ensure that they remain in the area of the cooler under temperature control. Sauces were observed completely full in their bottles and with internal temperatures ranging from 48-60 degrees. Sauces were only brought out of the coolers during the prep period this morning and will be discarded by 3:30pm today. Proper time control procedures and paperwork will be completed today for these items.
23 Proper date marking and disposition 3-501.17: (A) Except for ROP, Refrigerated, RTE, TCS Food prepared and held in a food establishment for more than 24 hours shall be clearly marked to indicate the date/maximum of 7 days. Day of preparation is Day 1 (Pf). 1) Brisket, gyro meat (2) and corned beef in the prep cooler are observed with date marks for 2/22 indicating that they should have been used or discarded by the end of shift yesterday. Items were discarded during the inspection to correct. 2) Multiple items in the walk in cooler were observed with only a day of the week marked for date marking. Per code, a used by/discard DATE must be indicated for TCS foods held after opening. Items were marked with the date during the inspection to correct.